6 Common Reasons For A Leaking Roof You Can’t Afford To Miss

Posted on September 30, 2021

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6 Common Reasons For A Leaking Roof You Can’t Afford To Miss

Imagine the condition of your home when it starts raining and you realize that there’s a leak in the roof. You’re terrified because not only does a leaking roof make your day unenjoyable but also puts everyone else around you at risk from falling debris or getting electrocuted by exposed wires-not joking!!

Such experience has been enough to make us never want you to handle it by yourself. We think all these problems could be solved if we pay attention and take care of our roofs before they get too big–like major damages down the line.

Mistakes You Are Making And How To Prevent Them

Homeowners should never hesitate to call an expert if they notice any signs that their roof needs attention. A good quality, well-maintained roof is an important part of its value and appearance but there are plenty more things that need care in order for your roof to stay strong:

  • Weathering Defects In Roofs

Your roof material can be either organic or inorganic, and it’s important to know the difference. An organic roof will get damaged easily because of weathering action. Moreover, looking at the concentrated pollutants in New Jersey, homeowners will need to be more cautious against a leaking roof (as well as other parts).

Our roofing expert suggests:

  • You should get your roof inspected once or twice a year.
  • Ensure that trees do not hang over the roof.
  • As New Jersey is prone to heavier snow your roof should be well ventilated to prevent roof weathering.
  • Winds Defects In Roofs

The wind is a constant threat to roofs in New Jersey, ripping off membranes or other roofing systems. To keep the wind from driving nails away from your roof, our experts recommend fastening and securing the perimeter of any given structure. Contact us if you want assistance with this! We’ll help you make sure that no matter how high or low it blows, nothing can drive in screws or nails.

  • Roof Defects due to Improper Maintenance

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against water damage. If you do not take care of it, you can be at risk for expensive repairs or worse: Complete ruin! As soon as storms start rolling in, ask us to conduct a roof inspection, we will check for damages and repair it right away. So these damages don’t turn into liabilities that ruin your home with rainwater runoff disasters later down the road.

  • Roof defects due to improper design

Roofs that are designed with an improper layout can be prone to a leaking roof. These issues might have a difficult time being fixed. In some cases, it may even require replacing certain roofing materials for them not only to look good but also to function properly!

The most common defects in roof designs:

  • Water buildup and degradation of the roofing material due to improper roof slope, drainage, and sagging roof.
  • There is no adequate design mechanism in place to allow for deck material expansion and contraction.
  • Due to active loads, the structure supporting the roof system is weak and deflects.
  • The use of roof materials that are incompatible.
  • Roof defects due to improper flashing installation

Base Flashing is the most common way for homeowners to guard against water penetration. However if not installed properly it can cause a variety of roof defects. If you do not want your home to fall prey to rainstorms or high winds with these problems you will need one thing – proper installation by professionals who know what they are doing when installing this type of protection!

The following are some of the most prevalent base flashing difficulties that lead to roof defects:

  • Base flashing isn’t tall enough.
  • Flashing has poor adherence.
  • Inadequate coating
  • Below is some loose insulation.
  • Surface fastening is incorrect.

You should always install base flashing as per standard terms and specifications. The roof surface must be properly installed to prevent leaking roof. So make sure you use a sufficient amount of adhesive when installing yours!

  • Roof detects due to rooftop equipment

If you use rooftop equipment like solar panels, satellite antennas, and A/C compressors directly over the roof surface then they can damage your roof. Using support structures can help with this as they provide a safe place for these items to rest. While still keeping them away from moisture that could cause damage or decay in short order!

When your roof is damaged, you need someone who will stay committed and do their job correctly in New Jersey– that’s us! Northkit Roofing knows that a roof is the most important part of your house. Our qualified technicians will stay committed and do their job correctly!

Our roofers have years of experience identifying issues before they become serious ones. From pinpointing why you have a leaking roof or flaws where there used to be none at all; to taking care of problems right away– so call us today at (973) 396-7416.

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