Stephanie Yennior Avatar
Stephanie Yennior
5/27/2022 - Google
I hired Northkit Roofing at first to remedy an emergency leak in the roof of my Mom’s house on Mother’s Day weekend. They answered my call right away and installed a tarp within about an hour during heavy rainfall. After inspecting the entire 20+ year old roof they recommended replacing it. A couple days later, the entire old roof was removed, damaged areas replaced and the job was completed beautifully by the end of that day, including complete cleanup! The next day they replaced the roof on my own house in South Orange.It is extremely rare to be able to engage a company that is as professional, communicative and such a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Northkit Roofing more highly, it was a pleasure to work with them!!If you need roofing done, please give them a call.You won’t be disappointed!! 😊😊😊
Rachael Lansing Avatar
Rachael Lansing
5/27/2022 - Google
Best roofers in the business! I was referred Northkit by a friend and I couldn't be happier. We had some damage to our roof after a storm and they were amazing! Very professional, had everything done in a timely manner and did an excellent job! I would definitely refer Northkit to anyone and I will be using them in the future!
betty vazquez Avatar
betty vazquez
5/20/2022 - Google
They were able to fit me in quickly for replacement. The roof was replaced quickly.
Anke Hagberg Avatar
Anke Hagberg
5/20/2022 - Google
We recently had our roof redone by Northkit. They came on a Sunday to remove my solar panels, on Monday they removed old shingles and installed new roof, and the following day they reinstalled the solar panels. I was dreading the process, but Northkit made it painless from start to finish. And they did an excellent job cleaning up. Very happy customer here.
Michael Zornitzer Avatar
Michael Zornitzer
5/10/2022 - Google
Wonderful fast neat workers
Hashim Swedaan Avatar
Hashim Swedaan
5/10/2022 - Google
Frank and Ron were the best they were so professional and diligent i am so happy with my new roof the stuff was amazing as well I highly recommend them.
Liang Deng Avatar
Liang Deng
5/10/2022 - Google
Northkit did great work for my roof, quick, clean, very professional and it is a very good roofing service company. I will recommend it to my friends.
Jerome Liquori Avatar
Jerome Liquori
5/10/2022 - Google
They worked quickly and they cleaned up like you would never know they were here. Great job overall
Eric Hagberg Avatar
Eric Hagberg
5/10/2022 - Google
Really pleased with the job they did replacing our roof as well as removing and re-installing our solar panels. Highly recommended
Elizabeth Mei Avatar
Elizabeth Mei
5/10/2022 - Google
We had our entire roof replacement. Joe was honest and professional and gave us a very fair estimate. Vaughn and Frankie are both very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.The job started few days after signing contract and was completed in a day. The crew did a professional job and cleaned up everything. Highly recommend!
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Αντώνης Κορρές Avatar
Αντώνης Κορρές
6/22/2022 - Facebook
Amazing experience from start to finish! They were very transparent and reliable. Would recommend!
Alexandra Rodriguez Avatar
Alexandra Rodriguez
6/15/2022 - Facebook
100% recommend Northkit to everyone and anyone. They are the best in the business and did an excellent job on my roof. Vaughan went above and beyond to make sure everything went swell.
Adi Shoham Avatar
Adi Shoham
6/15/2022 - Facebook
Excellent service with quick response times and highly professional - I recommend Northkit to everyone I know in the area and they never disappoint!
Havana Blehl Avatar
Havana Blehl
6/13/2022 - Facebook
Budding roofing company close to home, fast response time, with a lot of staff on hand. Legit tools and resources/construction equipment, reliable shingles (Atlas). Checked them out on Instagram too to ensure legitimacy and see # of jobs completed and actual pictures of their outcomes—found the Instagram, Northkit website, and google reviews to be more informative and helpful, but wanted to check all platforms to be sure I made the right investment for my roof (and gutters). Highly recommend. Company is well known in the community even for a young company which is always a good sign.
Elizabeth Lee Avatar
Elizabeth Lee
6/13/2022 - Facebook
Overview: We hired them to redo our roof inclusive of our skylight in May 2021. We were left with a year of trying to resolve a leak amidst a very rainy and stormy summer. After consulting with another veteran roofing company locally, we discovered why the job that was done left us with a leaking skylight for over a year and required more money and work to be done in the end. After the completion of their job, we ended up having to hire another company who helped identify the problem, assess next steps and helped us FIX the year later. Conclusion: I would not recommend them. Full Background: Since we moved into our home we had a leaking issue by our fireplace. After receiving a number of quotes my husband went with Northkit based on their responsiveness, and reasonable pricing. 5/10/2021: The job was done in a quick and painless fashion. We had our whole roof replaced plus a special ordered skylight replaced. Satisfied customers, happy company, paid in full. 5/26/2021: First Documentation of leaking Contacted Northkit who responded immediately and tarped the skylight until the company came back to determine leaking origin. It was determined they would have to reorder the skylight and replace it in order to fix the leak. June 2021-June 2022 The leaking continued. As with all things during the pandemic, the wait time for reordering a new skylight was pretty extensive. Balancing time and necessity we were told the skylight leak would be managed if they applied a sealant but the would void the warranty of the skylight. Their solution did not in fact solve the problem. The next company we used even said it wasn't how it should have been fixed, and have since replaced the skylight and reinstalled it properly. Through the remainder of the summer into fall we noted the leak, shared videos and photos, as well as said to proceed with the new skylight order. Not only were we ghosted but we were treated as if WE were a burden to THEM. We have remained nothing but professional and persistent for good reason OUR ROOF WAS LEAKING. After many attempts and no responses, we ended up contracting another roofing company who was able to assess and solve the problem through appropriate installation of a new skylight and shared with us notes on what was done incorrectly the first time around. As of today 6/13/22 OVER ONE YEAR LATER, lots of grief, and so many calls, emails and rainy days praying my kids wouldn't get rained on... we now have a NON LEAKING roof with a functional skylight that is no longer covered by a tarp! Sorry for this insanely long recap, but I think it's very important for folks to understand the stress we were under especially during the pandemic home with little ones having to essentially fight for a service we paid for to be properly completed.
Bianca Ross Avatar
Bianca Ross
5/17/2022 - Facebook
Excellent roofing service, and completed my home’s roof repair in just one day! I’m extremely pleased with the results and would recommend Vaughan & Francesco to anyone in the area looking for a fast, high-quality, and very responsive roofing contractor. 5 stars!
Kirill Skipalskiy Avatar
Kirill Skipalskiy
5/11/2022 - Facebook
Best roofing company in New Jersey! I reached out to them following a storm and they were very proactive to help me fix my roof. They did an amazing job and more. I appreciate their service and expertise in the roofing business. Great customer service and communication. I will recommend this roofing service to ALL my friends. They do an amazing job.
Kyle Kearney Avatar
Kyle Kearney
5/11/2022 - Facebook
Best service in New Jersey. Fast, clean and transparent. The way a roofing company should!
Patrick Errico Avatar
Patrick Errico
2/03/2021 - Facebook
Worked with Northkit to get my house ready to sell. These guys are great! They work hard, are reliable and fairly priced. I will be using them again for paining the exterior of my new house. 5 star experience!
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