Do Roofers Install Skylights (& How Much Do They Charge)?

Posted on January 14, 2023

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Do Roofers Install Skylights (& How Much Do They Charge)?

Does the gorgeous look of skylights inspire you to install them in your residence? If so, then you may have wondered how much they cost and do roofers install skylights. 

The solution to all your queries is here in this blog. This blog introduces you to the benefits skylights provide for homeowners and how much they cost to be installed. In addition, you will find out how you can identify the right contractor to work with and learn the cost comparison among skylight styles. 

By the end of this blog, you will be equipped with all the information you need to know so that you can make a well-informed decision. 

Skylights And Their Styles

Skylights, as the name suggests, are the openings in your roof that face the sky and allow natural light to enter your residence. In addition, they come in several styles that suit any preference. 

Skylights are made of glass or acrylic, and you have the freedom to choose whichever type of skylight you want to install in your home, office, or commercial building. Plus, they come in different sizes, styles, and designs to fit any roof’s architectural structure. Additionally, some even come with the option to be remote-controlled to open and close without going to the roof for the same task. 

Additionally, some skylights come with add-on features to protect the residence from UV and thermal exposure. As skylights allow heat and natural light to enter your home, they can reduce energy bills, allowing you to enjoy the clear sky. 

Types Of Skylights

As mentioned above, skylights come in many types, such as remote-controlled, vented, tubular, and fixed. You may need to call an electrician along with a roofer or skylight installer to install remote-controlled skylights. 

Types Of Skylights
Types Of Skylights

Who Installs Skylights?

Do roofers install skylights, or are there others who can do the same job? 

Roofers can install skylights if they are trained to do so. Regardless, experts recommend homeowners call a professional skylight installer who can complete the job skillfully. 

Since skylight installation requires changes to be made to the roof, expert roofers and professional skylight installers do the best job. As weather-proofing and water resistance are the key parts of the installation process of installing skylights, roofers need to have additional skills with this. Skylights should be protected with metal flashing and other water-resistance methods to block the water flow down from the highest point on the roof to the window. 

Importance Of Hiring A Professional 

It is important to hire a professional for skylight installation as they have the experience, tools, and knowledge to properly install the skylight and ensure that it is safe, secure, and energy-efficient. 

A professional roofer can advise on the best type of skylight for your specific needs and location. Hiring a professional also ensures that the installation is done in compliance with local building codes and safety standards.

Professional Skylight Installation
Professional Skylight Installation

How Much Do Roofers Charge To Install Skylights?

The skylight installation cost depends on various factors, such as the product cost and the cost of labor and installation.

The Average Cost To Install Skylights

The cost of skylights can vary depending on their size and style. Here are a few examples of skylight costs based on size and style:

  • Fixed skylight: $200-$1,600
  • Vented skylight: $800-$2,500
  • Tubular skylight: $500-$950
  • Remote-controlled skylight: $800-$3,600

These are the average costs and rough estimates of what you’ll be paying, which can vary depending on the location, the complexity of installation, the materials used, and the company doing the installation. 

In the next section, we have explained the factors that affect skylight installation costs. 

Factors That Affect The Skylight Installation Cost 

There are several factors that can affect the cost of skylight installation, which we have listed below.

Size And Type Of Skylight

The larger the size and the more complex the skylight, the more it will cost to install.

Access To The Roof

If the roof is difficult to access, the installation process will be more time-consuming and, therefore, more expensive.


The cost of the skylight and any additional materials required for the installation, such as flashing, also affect the overall cost.


The labor cost varies depending on the installation’s complexity and the installer’s experience.

Additional Features

If the skylight comes with additional features such as UV protection, remote control operation, or built-in shading, it will be more expensive to install.

Building Codes And Permits

If the skylight installation requires building permits or other special considerations, it adds to the cost.

Professionalism And Reputation Of The Company

The cost may vary depending on the company you choose to install the skylight. As some companies may have more experience and a better reputation.

However, It’s essential to remember that the installation cost will also depend on the specific skylight you choose and the complexity of the installation process. Therefore, getting multiple quotes is recommended before starting your project. 

Comparison Of Different Skylight Costs

Depending on the type of skylight you choose, the cost of installation and materials may vary. However, we have created a general list comparing the cost of different types of skylights.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed Skylight
Fixed Skylight

These are the most basic and inexpensive types of skylights. They do not open, but they provide a source of natural light. Depending on the size, they typically cost between $200-$1,600.

Vented Skylights

These skylights can be opened to allow for ventilation. They are more expensive than fixed skylights, typically costing between $800-$2,500. Some can even be found in a remote-controlled model.

Tubular Skylights

These skylights are smaller and typically used in smaller spaces. They are less expensive than traditional skylights, typically costing between $500-$950.

Tubular Skylight
Tubular Skylight

Remote-Controlled Skylights

These skylights can be opened and closed remotely and have additional features such as UV protection, automatic opening and closing, and built-in shading. They are the most expensive type of skylight, typically costing between $800-$3,600.

Tips For Choosing A Roofer For Skylight Installation

You should know as much as you can about the roofer you hire for skylight installation and their experience in the industry. Since skylights installed by inexperienced and unprofessional roofers may cause damage to your home and the skylight itself, it is important to remember the following points below. 

Ask For References And Check Their Previous Work

Ask people you know who they would refer for skylight installation. You can ask a roofing contractor as well for references to their previous skylight installations in order to check their work quality.

Check Their Insurance

Make sure the roofer is insured, as this will protect you in the case of any accidents or damage that may occur during installation.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get quotes from multiple roofers to compare prices and services before making a final decision.

Check Their Reputation

Research the roofer’s reputation by looking at their online reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

Verify The Roofer’s Licences, Permits, And Certifications 

Make sure the roofer holds the necessary licenses and certifications for skylight installation in your area.


Now that you know the average estimates for different types of skylight installations, what will affect the installation cost, and how to find the right roofer to install them, you can confidently move forward when making your decision. 

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