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Weather-related property damage can be catastrophic for your home or business. When Mother Nature strikes, Northkit Roofing will be there to help you pick up the pieces and return your property – and your life – to normal as soon as possible.

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Homes in New Jersey are no stranger to harsh weather. Thunderstorms, lightning strikes, hurricanes, high winds, hail, and ice storms, and freezing weather. Furthermore, ice dams can occur with little to no warning. As your home’s first layer of defense against the forces of nature, your roof will bear the brunt of the storms’ heavy rain, hail, and strong winds, all of which can cause significant damage.

In fact, the National Climatic Data Center reports that about 7% of all homes in New Jersey have a potentially dangerous amount of roof storm damage. Any homeowner faces considerable risk if they wait too long before hiring a professional roofer for emergency repairs.

At Northkit Roofing, we understand that homeowners cannot plan for all potential damage caused by a storm. As the leading roof restoration company in Cedar Grove & all of Essex County, we help our customers with these types of storm damage restorations all the time by providing free insurance claim assistance. Ultimately, most of our customers get brand new roofing installation which is paid for by their homeowners insurance. 

Signs of Storm Damage on your Roof

Most wind and hail damage cannot be seen from the ground and goes undetected by the untrained eye. Even if your roof doesn’t seem to be damaged after a storm, that doesn’t mean all is well. Use the following clues to see if a roof inspection is in order:

Next Steps if You Notice Any of These Roof Damage Symptoms in Cedar Grove

If you have any of the following roof storm damage signs – call a professional roofer immediately:

  • Roofing material sags or dips noticeably.
  • Blockage in ridge vent due to leaves or debris? Attic insulation is wet or smells musty? These are typically a reliable indication that your roof is not performing optimally or may have a leak. If your ridge vent becomes blocked, it hinders its ability to allow cooler air to push the hot air in your attic out of your roof’s peak. Moreover, if this hot air becomes trapped, it can result in moisture formation in your attic, leading to that must smell. If you have a roof leak and water is seeping in, that would be another reason for that smell. It is important to call a local roofer like Northkit Roofing as soon as possible when you discover this type of roof storm damage. Depending on how long the roof damage and moisture have been present, we may be able to perform an emergency roof repair. This is the best-case scenario because if the moisture has been present for some time, the damage may be too widespread to repair, and you may have issues with mold.

Once you call a local roofer to come to inspect your storm damage, they must then develop a viable, actionable plan for roof repair or roof replacement. Our multi-point roof inspection at Northkit Roofing will leave zero questions as to the extent of your home’s roof damage. Not only do we inspect the roof’s exterior condition, but we will also inspect the roof from your attic as well if need be. This will allow us to create the best plan for you, to repair your roof.

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If your home has suffered damage from recent storms, contact us for roof disaster restoration services. Our team of experts are on call 24/7 for emergency response and will be there quickly to make sure that your home is back up-to-date with our satisfaction guaranteed service.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best! Contact us today at (973) 396-7416 for more information about how we can help you get back on track as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

How Much Will it Cost to Repair My Roof Storm Damage?

At Northkit Roofing, we understand that unexpected roof repair bills can be difficult for our customers to manage. This is why we conduct such a thorough roof inspection. We have vast experience in dealing with roof insurance claims and if we discover roof storm damage, we may be able to get your roof repair or new roof for just your deductible. Working with a roofer in Cedar Grove that understands the insurance process and its nuances, is vital to helping ensure that your home is properly restored.

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