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Free Roof Assessment in Cedar Grove, NJ

Northkit Roofing offers Free Roof Inspection in Cedar Grove which involves a comprehensive assessment of all your roof components. Over the last several years, our roof inspections have helped property owners in Cedar Grove prevent serious roof damages. 

Sometimes issues with your roof are easy to detect: Like when you see a stain on your ceiling, or when a roof leak is visible because of water dripping. When this happens, you likely have shingle damage, such as missing shingles, buckled shingles, or curled shingles.

In other cases, roof damage is much less obvious. These are the roofing issues that typically go from being a small problem to a much larger, more cost-intensive roof repair. This is why it is so important to call a roof maintenance near me to get a free roof inspection. Our roofing technicians are highly trained and uniquely qualified to inspect your roof and identify any problem areas. 

Roof Inspection After Severe Storm

Roof storm damage is not an anomaly in Cedar Grove and Surrounding Areas. Our thorough free roof inspection may unveil multiple issues to your roof. The damaged may be due to a recent storm or weather event. If we detect any roof storm damage, rest assured that our storm damage response team is unmatched in its ability to assist you through the insurance claims process.

Why Partner With Us for Residential Roof Repair?

When it comes to free roof inspections, here at Northkit Roofing, we cut no corners! We conduct a multi-point inspection that encompasses all of your roof’s surfaces, vent and pipes and all penetrations. This attention to detail allows us to best protect our customers and formulate a needs based strategy to make sure your roof is in the best working order! If you are in Cedar Grove, Essex County or surrounding areas and looking for “free roof inspections near me” look no further. 

A professional roof inspection is crucial for determining the structural integrity, performance, and general health of your roof. Call us today at 973-396-7416 to schedule an appointment with Northkit Roofing Company.

Roof Inspection FAQs

There are many points of assessment during a free roof inspection including:

  1. First thing that we will look for is missing shingles and wear to the existing roof. Common issues that we find with asphalt shingles roofs are: shingle blistering, lifting and curling. If there is roof storm damage, we may find hail strikes as well.
  2. Soft spots will be the  next point of inspection. Your roof may have signs of soft spots if water has penetrated your roof line and compromised the roof’s decking. Although we cannot detect all rot during a free roof inspection, we want to ensure theres no signs of rot present. Nails that have over time, popped out from the initial roof installation, or potentially from scaffolding can be a source of water entry that can be problematic for your roof.
There is no such thing as having too many free roof inspections. With that being said, if you roof is ten years old or more, we recommend an annual free roof inspection by a local roofing company
It is advisable to have your free roof inspection during the winter months. This will increase the likelihood that any roof damage that is present, will show symptoms. If it is raining or snowing, your roof is far more likely to exhibit signs of damage than on a bright sunny day.

You can certainly perform a roof inspection on your own. Keep in mind all the things that we have discussed as far as what to look for. Always keep safety at the forefront. Depending on the pitch of your roof and the height of it, you may require some extra precautions.  However, when you search for “roof maintenance near me” you will see many roofers provide free roof inspection. If you decide that it is easier to call a licensed and insured roofer, call Northkit Roofing today.

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