Why Roof Inspections Are Important For Homeowners

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Why Roof Inspections Are Important For Homeowners

No doubt that roof Inspections in New Jersey should be the first thing on your mind – at least a couple of times during the year. Unfortunately, you may not know until weather or high winds have provoked calling a roof specialist to take care of these issues before they can turn out into structural damages to your residence or business.

Do you want to make sure that your new roof is durable and strong?

Roof inspections are necessary for homes in the New Jersey area due to the high snow and winds. Not only do they help with insurance claims but also lenders require them before issuing loans. A certified professional will examine all aspects of your home’s roof including gutters, walls, fascia boards as well as shingles or tiles – even chimneys! If you have any problems now or suspect there may be some soon then visit our website today so we can get a head start on repairs (or prevention).

What you can expect from a roof inspection?

When you want to ensure the long-term integrity of your roof, a professional inspection is crucial. When Northkit Roofing inspects your home’s exterior we’ll be looking for any signs that it may soon need repairs or replacement:

  • leaks in shingles and tiles;
  • unusual wear on surfaces such as flashing or gutters;
  • damage from windblown particles like leaves, dirt clods, gravel, and sand which can scratch the paint off metal flashings at vulnerable areas around chimneys and vents (such as dormers);
  • organic growth issues including mosses growing between cracks in concrete roofs where there has been no moisture movement but sufficient light penetration since they are plants requiring little water once established –
  • these will also affect asphalt membranes causing them to crack open if
What are the Fundamentals Steps Taken by Professional Roofers?

#1 Interior

Professional roofers in Cedar Grove, NJ will have to inspect the interior of your home or business, including examining ceilings, wall surfaces, and attic room areas for proof of hail. They’ll also need to make sure that leakage proofs are in excellent condition because this is a signifier of damage that needs prompt correction. For example, smoke shafts should be sealed quickly after they’ve been found with water leaks around them.

#2 Exterior

The exterior inspection includes climbing up onto the roof to make sure that shingles are in good condition and there is no damage from wind, moisture, or moldy insulation.

#3 Gutters

The rain gutter is a vital component of your roof system. It collects all the water that falls off and provides it with an efficient way to flow away from the house, through downspouts placed around or on top of structures near ground level. During our examination we were concerned about:

  • Inappropriate Installation
  • Debris accumulation or deformed product;
  • Missing sealant, holes leaks damage, and evidence;

When is the best time to have a Roof Inspection?

You should call a roofing company right now if you haven’t been keeping up with your roof inspections. The best time is after big storms, high winds, tornadoes, or snow because that’s when the damages are most prevalent and costly. A good idea would be anytime there has been any type of unanticipated event- no matter how small – since it can create expensive damage later on down the line- so, call Northkit Roofing today for a free estimate!