Why Is Your Roof At Risk In The Coming Months Of Winter?

Posted on November 25, 2021

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Why Is Your Roof At Risk In The Coming Months Of Winter?

Winter or cold weather may not harm your roof much- but the ice that turns to water can damage your roof’s health and functionality. Your roof is meant to repel water, but how much it can handle depends on the type of materials used and what precautions you took when installing it. When there is too much water, the ice around it can cause severe damage – especially when the weight is too much or no shingles are covering your roof.

This issue isn’t limited just by the type of roof you have, either. It’s easy for water to seep through any small cracks along your roof deck, causing significant damage to your entire home. In addition, the average house can lose 30% of its heat through its roof, so you almost always want to ensure that this is in good condition.

Winter poses some genuine threats to your roof. This guide can help you stay ahead of them and avoid damage that could cause severe problems for your home throughout the year – not just now during winter. 

Prepare Your Roof For Winter

If you live in a place where the temperature dips below freezing, like New Jersey, it’s essential to prepare your roof before winter hits. You can’t avoid damage if there is a buildup of debris and ice, leading to water seeping into your home and causing problems all year round.

When you’re protecting your roof from damage, it’s also essential to prepare the rest of your home. This includes clearing all gutters, cleaning out any debris that could damage your roof. Moreover, ensure that everything is in great shape before winter arrives.

Protect Your Roof From Water Damage In Winter

Water damage in winters can cause significant problems throughout the year – even when it appears to be a little bit of water. The ice combined with the sheer weight of snow can cause significant problems on your roof. So it’s essential to minimize this as much as possible by doing some relatively simple maintenance work.

You don’t need to be an expert to do these things. Instead, you can hire a professional contractor, and you’ll significantly reduce the risk of problems that winter brings.

Clear Debris Off Your Roof

One of the best ways to protect your roof is by clearing small debris off the top, like branches and leaves. This doesn’t mean you need to climb up there yourself – employing a tree service can take care of this for you. However, getting up on the roof with a ladder isn’t a good idea, and you risk doing more harm than good.

With leaves, for example, can damage your shingles and prevent them from working as effectively as possible. However, if the debris is too big to do anything about it, or you don’t think climbing on your roof is safe enough an option, call a pro.

Clear Gutters Of Ice And Debris

Winter weather isn’t just about snow and ice – rainfall can also cause significant problems. If you have gutters along your roof, then it’s best to clear them of any ice or debris that could clog the system and lead to water damage. If anything else is blocking the gutters, try using a garden hose to clear it.

Vertically draining gutters are good for preventing debris buildup – take time before winter weather begins to check that these are working well.

The best way to prevent damage to your roof is to have proactive maintenance before the winter weather arrives. You don’t need to spend hours upon your roof. Instead, you can hire roofers from Northkit Roofing to do maintenance work. Our team will get on your roof and inspect it for damage. Moreover, they will fix any issue with your roof before winter arrives.

Don’t wait for your roof to fail and cause damage inside your home or injury. If you want a free quote, contact Northkit Roofing (973) 396-7416. We will help you prepare your roof for winter and provide affordable solutions for all problems with your roof.

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