What Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofer

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What Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofer

If you’ve noticed an issue with your roof, or even if you haven’t, it’s time to reach out to a professional roofing contractor in your area. With the help of a quality roofer, you can determine whether your home needs repairs or replacement. The following questions can help you ask the right questions and get the best roofing services for your home when you are hiring a roofer.

#1 What is the location of your roofing company?

Working with a roofing company can be hectic and worrisome. Scammers are reaching out to unsuspecting homeowners each day, stealing money and leaving them without a good roof over their heads. When you think about hiring a roofer, to prevent being scammed, remember this: all Cedar Grove Roofing Companies should have an address listed online. If the company seems shady or won’t provide one, they most likely aren’t legitimate. Avoid at all costs!

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#2 What Are Your Testimonies?

One of the best ways to know if a roofing contractor is good at what they do is to hear it from their clients’ mouths. Ask for the contractor to share what some of their customers have said about them, both on their website and social media. While testimonies can be great marketing material, that’s not all there for — you can use them as a reference when it comes time to hire someone.

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#3 How much does a new roof cost?

Contractors can’t really give you an exact price because there are so many different factors that come into play. But they should be able to provide estimates, which will help with your budget planning and negotiation process if necessary. Ask three or four contractors for their estimate to get the best possible deal out of this important purchase!

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#4 Do you have a Roofing Contractor’s License?

In some areas, roofing contractors are required to have a roofing license, but this rule varies by state and county. So when you are thinking of hiring a roofer in order to get an accurate idea of whether or not a contractor has a roofing license, ask around about their past projects and solicit references from happy customers. If you’re in the midst of a project, then be sure to ask the contractor for their licensing information early on.

#5 Do you have a warranty on your product?

The next question to ask before taking on a roofing job is if the contractor has any warranties. A warranty will protect you from further costs in the future should anything go wrong with your new roof, and it’s recommended that homeowners not use contractors without workmanship warranties for their projects.

#6 Do you provide a Roof Maintenance Program?

Roofing maintenance is an important and necessary investment. With our unpredictable weather, it can be difficult to know when a storm will hit your city or neighborhood – so you never what may happen! This makes routine checks essential for the prevention of more costly damage in the future.

What to expect when you hire Northkit Roofing?

Northkit Roofing is always there for your roof, after severe storms, leaks, or any damage. Our professional roofing contractors will inspect and repair roofs damaged by wind, rain, hail, or snowstorms. They also investigate flashings and copings as well as the entire roof system to make sure metal penetrations haven’t been made due to the damage.