Roof Insurance Claim Process Guide 2023

Posted on October 21, 2021

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Roof Insurance Claim Process Guide 2023

We all know that filing a roof insurance claim is a stressful process. However, if you suspect damage to your roof, the first question many homeowners ask is whether or not to contact your insurance. What if we told you that you may be able to get your roof repaired or replaced for merely the cost of your deductible?

If you have homeowner’s insurance and it covers roof damage, then it is possible to file a claim for roof damage and get financial benefits from wind, hail, or inclement weather as long as you are up to date on your homeowner’s insurance payments. However, if you have never gone through filing a roof damage insurance claim, then it may seem like a daunting task to you but don’t worry, we are here to help you go through the insurance claim process and necessary paperwork to restore your home.

What is the Statefarm roof replacement policy?

Many insurance companies routinely have instructions for their claim adjusters on how to adjust various types of losses but State Farm’s comprehensive and detailed claim guidelines are second to none. If you have State Farm homeowners insurance, then it will protect you from water damages. Water damages are among the top five most expensive home repairs.

While the company will not pay for damage from floods caused by rain and severe storms, other types of water damage covered under State Farm’s roof replacement policy are hail storm damage, ice damming, and leaks.

How to file an insurance claim for roof damage?

A properly installed roof can provide you with security from the elements for up to 15 years, but a severe storm could change this in just one night. If you’ve been the victim of a severe storm or hail damage then filing an insurance claim for the roof damage can get your roof repaired as quickly as possible.

Filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage can be complicated and you might end up waiting a long time for a settlement if anything goes wrong. This is why there are eight steps to keep in mind when you’re ready to file a roof insurance claim.

  1. Assess your roof damage-

    First you need to determine the extent of your roof damage and if you’re not sure you can accurately assess the damage yourself then hire a roofing contractor.

  1. Find out what your insurance covers-

    To file a claim, you need to know what your insurance policy covers. Check with the company and make sure that damage to your roof is covered in the contract before doing anything else.

  1. Document the damage-

    Always be sure to take as many pictures as you can of the roof damage to validate your claim. If possible, also take pictures of what caused the damage before you make any temporary repairs to the roof.

  1. Get in touch with your insurer-

    It is important to get in touch with your insurance agent as soon as possible. You may find that there are specific timeframes required for reporting the damage and filing a claim.

  1. Find a local roofing company-

    Meet your local roofing company and ask for a written estimate of the cost of replacing your roof. Make sure the estimate includes labor, materials, and equipment so you know what’s involved in replacing your roof.

  1. File your claim-

    With your insurance agent’s help, file a claim using the proper form your insurer provides. Make sure you include all information and evidence needed for processing otherwise there are chances your roof insurance claim is denied.

  1. Meet with an insurance adjuster-

    An insurance adjuster will need to visit your home and physically assess the damage themselves to validate your claim.

  1. Replace your roof-

    When your claim has been approved and you receive a settlement offer from the insurance company then it’s time to call your local roofing company.

If you’re still looking for local roofing then Northkit Roofing is here to help. Once your roof insurance claim is approved we begin the scheduling process and material selection. We will stay in touch and walk you through every step of the process, from the beginning until the end.

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